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Maine scenic and wildlife imagery at its best! Find here marvelous photographs of all things Maine: nature, wildlife, birds, flowers, gardens, sail boats, lobster boats, lighthouses, coastal scenics, animals, butterflies and more! Robin R Robinson is a photographer from Maine specializing in nature photography. As a writer, birder and gardener, Robin’s mind is always on the natural world, even when under a roof. Read informative, original essays illustrated by the artist’s photographs at . Most of Robin’s images are photographed in the wild and in Maine.
If you don’t see the image you are looking for, contact Robin at . She clicks her shutter every day, so probably has the image you seek. With over 15,000 diverse images, Robin Robinson Maine has become a micro stock photography web site! Robin is an enthusiastic, entertaining and informative public speaker and she is available for special event photography. Are you a hobby enthusiast who would like photos of what you do, such as surfing, paragliding or fishing? Contact Robin to capture those moments. Do you need a speaker who can excite your audience with humor and a visual feast of photographs?
Robin’s work has been featured in Downeast Magazine’s ezine and The Portland Press Herald, The Bangor Daily News, the Bath Brunswick Times Record, The Coastal Journal and The Wolf Moon Journal. Her photographs have been selected three times for the prestigious, juried Maine Photography Show. Her blog has been selected sixteen times as the Editor’s Pick for the front page of Open Salon She has been a speaker, presenter and educator at the Capital Area Camera Club, York County Audubon, The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, garden clubs state wide and nationally, fund raisers, church groups and schools. Her work has been regularly displayed in numerous galleries.
*Please note that the copyright watermark you see on these images does not appear in printed images purchased from this web site.

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BIRDS OF MAINE Showcasing beautiful, Maine birds

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3 galleries with 274 photos

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7 galleries with 646 photos

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Maine BOTANICALS wildflowers, gardens, mushrooms macro photographs

9 galleries with 1420 photos

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10 galleries with 1205 photos

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3 galleries with 336 photos

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6 galleries with 110 photos

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HOLIDAYS - Christmas, Channukah, Thanksgiving, Fourth Of July, etc.

8 galleries with 143 photos

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21 galleries with 9262 photos

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